Lakshmi Farms is an 18 acre working farm dedicated to growing healthy soils and communities in the greater Louisville area.

Located in Anchorage KY


Healthy Ecologies

As stewards of 18 acres of beautiful Kentucky pasture, our first priority is the health of our land. We practice restorative agriculture, partnering with native species, working with the land, rather than against it, and never taking more than we return to the soil.

Healthy Economies

Slow Money means investing in our Food Systems. Beyond being a working farm, Lakshmi Farms is proud to host a Farm Incubator Program, giving young farmers a leg up when they start out.

We are proud to host the Reynolds Garden Company in 2016.


Healthy Communities

Building a lifelong connection to the land is our goal for every visitor to Lakshmi Farms. We're fortunate to be located within Jefferson county, and take every opportunity to welcome visitors to our land through school field trips, workshops and classes, volunteer days, and community events.

Environmentally and Economically Sustainable


Lakshmi Farms is a working farm. We are able to fund our educational and community programs by running profitable farm enterprises, such as our herd share, pastured eggs, and cut flower program. We are also host to Reynolds Garden, a 1 acre market garden growing heirloom and interesting vegetables using sustainable methods, and their Tiny CSA. For more information about our working enterprises, please contact us.



Educational and Community Events at Lakshmi Farms


Located within Jefferson County, we strive to create every opportunity to get people onto (and into!) our farm. We partner with local schools to offer field trips, as well as offering classes and workshops at the farm, internships, and volunteer opportunities. As much as we grow, we strive to give back to our community.

For more information about getting involved, visit our community page, or contact us!



Lakshmi farms is dedicated to local food in Louisville.

Through our Farm Incubator Program, we support young farmers by helping them access land, equipment and supplies. As a small dairy, we benefit from having a vegetable operation on our farm, and vegetable farmers benefit from being located on a farm with livestock.

We are proud to host The Reynolds Garden Company, farmed by Hadley Piper. Hadley Piper is a young woman farmer and this is her first farm. You can find Reynolds Garden produce at The Reynolds Grocery Company, and in her Tiny CSA. We're excited to watch her grow!

We also host a CSA pickup for Rootbound Farm, another wonderful local farm.